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Every year, in April, schools from the Allen ISD participate in a special shoe drive benefiting the Shoe Bank. For the third consecutive year, Maya Bullock (age 9), collected more shoes than any other student in the district – a total of two hundred seventy-one pairs.

Students from "Avon Grove High" in West Grove, PA, coordinated a shoe drive at their school that
resulted in more than three hundred fifty pairs being donated.

This young Fort Worth resident, with a little help from his parents, recently celebrated his first birthday by collecting more than fifty pairs of shoes for The Shoe Bank. .

Seniors from "Highland Springs" retirement community donated two hundred fifty pairs of shoes in 2008,
and have set a new goal to collect three hundred pairs in 2009.

Student Council members with 1400 pair of shoes donated by students at Polser Elementary.

Mrs. Smith's 4th grade class collected 94 of the 362 pairs of shoes donated by students at Old Settler's Elementary.

The Shoe Bank partners with the "One 5 Foundation" to provide shoes for kids in Haiti, where an estimated 640,000 children under the age of fifteen live in extreme poverty, and where the gift of a decent pair of shoes can often be a cause for celebration.

The Shoe Bank and "Hearts Across Romania" work together to provide shoes for children living in Romanian orphanages, as well as for young men like these from the city of Brasov who have graduated from the orphanages and are now enrolled in transitional programs designed to help them develop necessary life skills. 

The Shoe Bank partners with the non-profit organization "Reclaim Childhood" to provide the shoes that make it possible for young Iraqi girls, living in Jordan as refugees, to participate in sports programs created to help develop their sense of physical and emotional well-being.

The Shoe Bank has worked with "Orphans of the World" to provide shoes for 150,000 Central American children since 1991.  This young man lives at an orphanage for children carrying the HIV virus in Guatemala.

This picture was taken on April 2nd, 2010, with a cell phone camera at the “Kay Papa Nou” orphanage in Haiti. It means “Our Father's House”. The girls had just received new shoes and were singing a “thank you” song. The image is a little fuzzy, but the joy on the faces of the girls is perfectly clear.

Gulu Hawks, Uganda 2011.

These are a few of the young men, now residing in the Dallas area, who managed to survive the horrors of the second Sudanese civil war by escaping into the jungles of Africa - where they would then wander for years, and trek thousands of miles. Those boys who did not die from starvation, who were not killed by fighters or eaten by wild animals, would eventually reach the safety of refugee camps in Ethopia and Kenya. These children would come to be known as the "lost boys of Sudan."

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